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Completed PhD Students

Mathilda Andersson
2017    Participatory journalism and the African diaspora.
Byron Qually
2017 Industrial design and democracy: transformative agency within Indigenous structures.
Craig Walker
2017 Violence in the wake of civil war: investigating the transformation of inter-group relations in Nepal and Mozambique.
Sunny Omwenyeke
2015 Evaluating transnational advocacy networks (TANS): the case of the Jubilee 2000 Campaign (J2K).
Helene Vannier
2015 Development as freedom, freedom as exchange: understanding the relationship between forms of exchange and human capabilities in a development context: the case of old-Alagados in Salvador de Bahia (Brazil).
Andrew Agyei-Holmes
2014 Tilling the soil in Tanzania: what the emerging countries have to offer.
Richmond Atta-Ankomah
2014 China’s presence in Developing countries technology basket: the case of furniture manufacturing in Kenya.
David Botchie
2014 Distinctiveness of Asian driver and western garment technologies in Uganda.
Claire Vallings
2014 Destined to fail? Why do UN integrated missions underperform?
Geoffrey Banda
2013 Financing ARV drug manufacture in Zimbabwe: implications for technological capabilities and innovation of African local pharmaceutical production.
John Gillott
2013 The Changing Governance of Science? A critical enquiry into the contemporary politics of governance of natural science research as expected through the human tissue and embryos cases in the UK.
Letsema Mbayi
2013 Turning rough dreams into a polished reality? Investigating the formation of human capital in Botswana’s diamond cutting and polishing industry.
Elvin Nyukuri
2013 Climate change policy and vulnerability of tropical forest communities in East Africa.
Claudio Velasco
2013 Driving institutional innovation for agricultural innovation through R&D projects.
Alison Buckler
2012 Policy and practice in rural Sub-Saharan schools; female teachers voices and perspectives.
Jeremy Cunningham
2012    Schooling for conflict transformation: a case study from Northern Uganda.
Sally Hartley
2012    Learning for development through cooperation: the engagement f youth with cooperatives in Lesotho and Uganda.
Rachel Masika
2012    Gender, agency and mobile phones: urban street traders in Uganda.
Elisabeth N&rsquo
2012    A Boundary Organisation for the South: the success and challenges of TWAS, the Academy of Sciences for the developing world, in attaining power for scientists of the south.
Ann Bruce
2011    The Textures of Controversy: Values and Interests in Disputes Around Genomics.
Jamie Kesten
2011    Multicultural UK cities and African migration.
Vuyo Mjimba
2011    The nature and determinants of backward linkages in emerging mineral commodity sectors: a case study of gold mining in Tanzania.
Mary Upton
2011    The Politics of Health: community engagement in South African HIV vaccine clinical trials.
Ozan Zeybek
2011    Turkish migration and development.
Maurice Bolo
2010    Partners for Learning and Innovation: a Case Study of ‘farmer-exporter’ Partnerships in Kenya.
Clive Gabay
2010    The relationships that bind? Power and alter-globalisation networks.
Graham Hunter
2010    Measuring capabilities an empirical investigation of the Sen-Nussbaum approach to well-being.
Lillian Jensen
2010    Innovation in Pharma Companies: an Investigation of R&D and External Knowledge Acquisition.
Anne Terheggen
2010    The new kid in the forest: the impact of China’s resource demand on Gabon’s tropical timber value chain.
Julia Tijaja
2010    Exogenous factors and domestic agency in value-chain dynamics: lessons from the Thai cassava value chains.
Vikas Chandra
2009    Patents and Publication Networks in Stem Cell Research.
Masuma Farooki
2009    The southern engine of growth and hard commodity prices: Does China lead to disruptive development?
Ann Kin
2009    An Enquiry into Biosafety Regulation Implementation in Kenya: perspectives and roles of scientists.
Stuart Parris
2009    Venture Capital in the UK: a Regional Deal?
Tamar Shengelia
2009    The Discourses of the GM Crops Debate.
Alex Borda-Rodriguez
2008    Knowledge for Development? Reflections from consultants and advisors in Bolivia.
Pelin Demirel
2008    Firm Growth, Innovation and Implications for Market Selection; the Pharmaceutical Industry.
Rebecca Hanlin
2008    Partnerships for Vaccine Development: Building Capacity to Strengthen Developing Country Health and Innovation.
Farah Huzair
2008    Innovative Capabilities of the Agricultural Biotechnology Sector in Hungary.
Adele Langlois
2008    The UNESCO Genetics and Bioethics Declarations: Implications for Global Governance.
Julius Mugwagwa
2008    Supranational Organisations and Cross-national Policy Convergence: the Cast of Biosafety in Southern Africa.
Phil Spires
2006    Formal education and the development of modern attitudes and values in the Philippines in the 1990s.
Karin Boschert
2005    Agrawende: Cognitive-normative Approaches to Policy Change in German Agro-biotechnology.
Kalpana Chaturvedi
2005    The Dynamics of Technological Innovation in the Indian Pharmaceutical Industry.
Dinar Kale
2005    Re-developing Knowledge Creation Capacity in the Indian Pharmaceutical Industry.
Gavin Andersson
2004    Unbound governance: a study of popular demand organization.
Steven Chipika
2004    Networking and technological learning: small and medium size manufacturing enterprises in Zimbabwe.
Linda Ludwin
2004    The one shot deal: temporary organisations, UK feature film units and learning organisation theory.
John Shepherd
2004    The influence of standardization and regulation on the development of intelligent networks.
Caroline Temple-Bird
2004    Managing the import and use of healthcare technologies in Sub-saharan Africa.
Linden Vincent
2004    Science technology and agency in the development of drought prone areas: a cognitive history of drought and security.
Ivo Kovachev
2003    Revival and development strategies for East European economies in transition.
Fenella Porter
2003    Doing things differently: institutionalising gender into a development organisation that works through volunteers.
Seife Ayele
2002    The role and impact of investment incentives on small and medium sized enterprise development in Ethiopia.
Chris High
2002    Opening spaces for learning : a systems approach to sustainable development.
Stephanie Allen-Early
2001    Brazilian, feminist non-govermental organisations - a force for change : constructing citizenship through health sector reform and delivery of reproductive rights.
Celia Diniz
2001    Financial administration and accounting as institutional development in an African university: learning from research organisation at Eduardo Mondlane University in Mozambique.
Alexandro di Stefano
2001    Beyond the Rhetoric: A grounded perspective on learning company and learning community relationships.
Joanne Fildes
2001    Constraints to small firm growth and the role of business advice in townships on the Cape Flats, South Africa.
Leroi Henry
2001    Doing development and being Gurage, the embeddedness of development in Sebat Bet Gurage identities.
Elizabeth McMillan
2001    Complexity theory and the learning organisation.
Dorcas Robinson
2000    Public actors or private providers? NGOs, health sector reform and community based health care in Tanzania.
Ramya Subrahmanian
1999    Co-producing universal primary education in a context of social exclusion: households, community organisations and state administration in a district of Karnataka, India.
Elaheh Rostami-Povey
1998   Explaining women's employment under the Islamic state in Iran.
Philip Cerny
1997    The implications of option pricing theory on UK development.
David Reece
1997    Agricultural research practice for environmental management and poverty reduction: the case of CIAT.
Sally Caird
1996    Team approaches to innovative development projects.
Hazel Johnson
1995    Reproduction, exchange relations and food insecurity: maize production and maize markets in Honduras.
Dina Abbott
1994    Women’s home based income generation as a strategy towards poverty survival: dynamics of the “khannawalli” (meal-making) activity of Bombay.
Henrietta Lidchi
1994    All in the choosing eye: charity, representation and the developing world.
Fiona Russell
1993    ‘Regulation and technological change: new food legislation.
Joanna Chataway
1992    The making of biotechnology: a case study of radical innovation.
Helena Dolny
1992    Land and agrarian reform in South Africa: land ownership, land markets and the state.
Richard Heeks
1991    State policy, liberalisation and the development of the Indian software industry.
Pamela Cawthorne
1990    Amoebic capitalism as a form of accumulation: the case of the cotton knitwear industry in a south Indian town.
Simon Marvin
1990    The relationship between local and national policy making in science and technology’.
Keith Jefferis
1988    The performance of worker cooperatives in a capitalist economy: a study in political economy.
John Moss-Jones
1987    Automating managers: the implications of information technology for managers.
Marc Wuyts
1986    Money and Planning for Socialist Transition; the Mozambican experience.

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