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Keynote Speakers:

Dr Kinga Povedák

Dr Kinga Povedák

University of Szeged, Hungary

Kinga Povedák is a research fellow at MTA-SZTE ’Convivence’ Religious Pluralism Research Group. Her recent publications explore vernacular religiosity during socialist Hungary, Christianity and popular music, and charismatic Christianity. She is the author of the book Guitarist Apostles: The analysis of Christian popular music and co-editor of The Secret Police and the Religious Underground in Communist and Post-Communist Eastern Europe.

Prof Amanda Lucia

Prof Amanda Lucia

University of California-Riverside

Amanda Lucia is Professor of Religious Studies at the University of California-Riverside. Her research engages the global exportation, appropriation, and circulation of Hinduism. She is author of White Utopias: The Religious Exoticism of Transformational Festivals (2020), Reflections of Amma: Devotees in a Global Embrace (2014), and numerous articles.

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