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Completed students

Lucy Manning (PhD 2022)
Topic: Atomism in Plato and Wittgenstein
Supervisors: Sophie Grace Chappell and Naoko Yamagata (Classics)
Ian Watson (PhD 2022)
Topic: Patriotism
Supervisors: Sean Cordell and Derek Matravers
Funding: Open-Oxford-Cambridge AHRC Doctoral Training Partnership
Christopher Grey (PhD 2021)
Supervisors: Sophie Grace Chappel and Martin Clarke (Music)
George Kourdounoulis (PhD 2021)
Supervisors: Claire Hewson (Psychology) and Derek Matravers
Topic: Intersubjectivity
Supervisors: Sophie Grace Chappell and Manuel Dries
David Hurrell (PhD 2019)
Topic: Nietsche’s Conception of Decadence
Supervisors: Manuel Dries and Sophie Grace Chappell
Funding: CHASE
Brandon Robshaw (PhD 2019)
Topic: Should a Liberal State Ban the Burqa?
Supervisors: Jon Pike and Sean Cordell
Christopher Yorke (PhD 2019)
Topic: Bernard Suits and the Utopian Politics of Gaming
Supervisors: Jon Pike and Alex Barber
Susanne Mathies (PhD 2018)
Topic: Fiction Reading and Narrative Identity
Supervisors: Carolyn Price
Jon Phelan (PhD 2018)
Topic: Understanding Other Minds from Literary Fiction
Supervisors: Derek Matravers and Sophie Grace Chappell
Nathan Fox (PhD 2017)
Topic: The Environmental Complexity Thesis and the Problem of Knowledge
David McBride (PhD 2017)
Topic: Moral Equality: Article of Faith?
Supervisors: Derek Matravers and Jon Pike
Paul Jackson (PhD 2016)
Topic: Lucretius’ Atheism
Supervisors: Sophie Grace Chappell and Naoko Yamagata (Classics)
Raymond Boyce (PhD 2014)
Topic: Catching the Cow's Eye: The Spectacle as Moral Reason
V. Luca Sciortino (PhD 2014)
Topic: Styles of Thinking: Assessing and Developing Ian Hacking’s Historical Epistemology
W. Brent Hepburn (PhD 2011)
Topic: The Mind in Giambattista Vico’s New Science,
Grant Douglas Vallance (PhD 2009)
Topic: Sciences, Evaluation, and Ethics
Kevin Sludds (MPhil 2008)
Topic: Cognitive and Heideggerian Approaches to the Study of Emotion/Mood
David Proud (MPhil 2007)
Topic: The Free Will Problem
Matthew Rowe (PhD 2007)
Topic: The Foundation for a Definition: An Analytic Analysis of the Framework of Practice in which Art is Made
David Knott (PhD 2006)
Topic: Be Reasonable: A Defence and Development of the Case for Internal Reasons
David Edmonds (PhD 2003)
Topic: Caste Wars: the morality of treating individuals as though they are members of groups
Ann Bousfield (PhD 2002)
Topic: The Relationship between Liberalism and Conservatism: Competitive, Symbiotic or Parasitic?
Gary Pendlebury (PhD 2001)
Topic: Action and Ethics in Aristotle and Hegel
Stephen John Watt (PhD 1999)
Topic: Aristotle's View of Human Nature as the Basis for Ethical Theory
John Glassford (PhD 1999)
Topic: Nihilism and Modernity
I. Hirst (PhD 1999)
Topic: Philosophy of Mind and Neurological Impairment
Michael John Christopher Hodgson (MPhil 1998)
Topic: The Problem of Human Subjectivity, with particular regard to the relationship between Hegel’s Early Theological Writings and his mature philosophy of religion
Stephen Watt (PhD 1998)
Topic: Aristotle’s view of human nature as a basis for ethical theory
Emyr Vaughan Thomas (PhD 1997)
Topic: Wittgensteinian Descriptivism and Concepts of Self-Renunciation
Anthony J McGowan (PhD 1996)
Topic: The Sublime Machine: Conceptions of Masculine Beauty, 1750-1850
Richard Taylor (MPhil 1996)
Topic: On Natural Suffering

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