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6th July

10:00 Chair Open the Zoom
11.00-12.30   Vittorio Gallese; Satinder Gill
12.30-1.30   Lunch
1.30-3.00   Maja Kuzmanovic; Barbara Formis
3.00-3.10   Break
3.10-4.40   Aurorarosa Alison; Sarra Bouabdeli; Heather Widdows and Helen Ryland
4.40-5.00   Break
5.00-6.30   Ian Cross; Caroline Nevejan

7th July

10:00 Chair Open the Zoom
11.00-12.30   Nea Ehrlich; Elisabetta Modena; John Tilson et al.
12.30-1.30   Lunch
1.30-3.00   Warren Neidich; Ariana Phillips-Hutton
3.00-3.10   Break
3.10-4.40   Vid Simoniti; Steve Di Paola
4.40-5.00   Break
5.00-6.30   Xin-Wei Sha; Kyoo Lee

8th July

1:00 Chair Open the Zoom
1:30-2:00   Round Table (Derek Matravers and Soh Yeong)
2:00-3:00   Claire Anscomb and Alex Fisher
3:00-3:15   Break
3:15-3:45   Round Table (Derek Matravers and Vibeke Sorensen)
3:45-4:00   Break
4:00-5:30   Alexis Johnson and Victoria Vesna
5:30-5:50   Closing reflections
7:30-9:00   Hox Zodiac Conference Dinner

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