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Speaker Title
Aurorarosa Alison- Milan Digital Aesthetics: New Boundaries of Sensitive Communication
Claire Anscomb - Kent Who Authors AI Art? (And Why Does It Matter?)
Sarra Bouabdeli - Reading The Artistic and Moral Significance of VR Storytelling
Ian Cross – Cambridge Music as Solipsism and Sociality
Nea Ehrlich - The Negev Another Planet? Rethinking the Ethics and Aesthetics of Animated Documentaries in an Era of Post Truth and Digital Mixed Realities
Alex Fisher - Cambridge Fiction, Ethics, and Virtual Action
Barbara Formis - Paris Gesture and Emergence of Meaning
Vittorio Gallese - Parma Digital World: The Experience of Self and Others in COVID-19 time
Satinder Gill - Cambridge

Shaping our Tacit Engagement

Maja Kuzmanovic - Brussels Convivia, refugia, not always everywhere
Kyoo Lee - New York Tele Be in the Age of Pandemicreativity: Going Retrofutural with Nam June Paik, a TechnoPhiloPoet
Caroline Nevejan - Amsterdam Creative Capabilities are Core
Elisabetta Modena - Milan A Different Set of Conventions: Politics and Ethics in Virtual Reality Art
Vid Simoniti - Liverpool Digital Images
John Tillson - Liverpool,
J Adam Carter - Glasgow, and
Viktor Ivanković - Zagreb
Moral Education, Big Data, and Adaptive Games
Steve Di Paola AI systems in the Visual and Poetic Arts for Social Good’
Victoria Vesna - Los Angeles Art-Sci Nexus
Heather Widdows - Birmingham
Helen Ryland - The Open University
Thin with Extra Curves: The Beauty of Avatars
Sha Xin-Wei - Arizona Synthesis -Topological Media
Alexis Johnson - Lancashire Collaborative Art
Warren Neidich - Los Angeles/Berlin AI and the Brain Without Organs: An Activist Neuroaesthetics Approach
Ariana Phillips-Hutton - Cambridge TBC

Respondents and Chairs

Vibeke Sorensen – Singapore

Karamjit S Gill – Cambridge

Derek Matravers – The Open University

Soh Yeong – Seoul

Elizabeth Tolbert – Baltimore