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Research Groups

The Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences has a thriving research culture and is engaged in world-class, agenda setting research. We are committed to the enhancement and development of this culture as a priority in our mission. Our research is supported by a variety of interdisciplinary, as well as discipline-centred, research groups.

Contemporary Cultures of Writing

School of Arts & Humanities

The School of Arts and Humanities hosts a variety of dynamic research groups and centres that showcase the breadth and interdisciplinarity of our research. These centres and groups reflect both the established research strengths in the School and our commitment to engaging with new and developing research areas in the Arts and Humanities.

Research groups in the School of A&H

Planet Earth on the background of blurred lights of the city

School of Social Sciences & Global Studies

The School of Social Sciences and Global Studies (SSGS) has its very own Centre for Global Challenges and Social Justice (GCSJ). It also hosts a number of interdisciplinary faculty and university research groupings open to all staff, post-doctoral researchers and postgraduate students across the Faculty and University. This includes the well established Harm & Evidence Research Collaborative (HERC)International Development and Inclusive InnovationOpenSpace Research CentreCitizenship and Governance.

Research groups in the School of SSGS

open psychology research centre logo

School of Psychology & Counselling

The School of Psychology & Counselling hosts its research activities under the Open Psychology Research Centre. The Centre promotes an open psychology that crosses disciplinary boundaries, is relevant to real social and personal issues, and acknowledges the degree to which human psychology is shaped by history. It seeks to understand, transform and enrich the lives of individuals and communities by means of engaged research collaborations which embrace many perspectives. Psychological research within the Centre is organised into three interconnected strands: Culture and Social Psychology (CuSP)Forensic Cognition (FCRG) and the Psychology of Health and Wellbeing (PHeW).

Research groups in the School of Psychology

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