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Health and the Arts Research Group

The Health and the Arts Research Group was launched in 2021 in order to draw together researchers from across the university with interests in the intersections between health, wellbeing, arts and creativity. Members of the group are active in the study of literature, creative writing, psychology, music and sound studies, computing and technology, nursing, learning disability studies, art and visual history, business, and other disciplines. Our research is disseminated via conferences, books and articles, blogs, websites and apps, and in partnership with a range of external organisations.

The Health and the Arts group aims to:

  • Foster interdisciplinary thinking
  • Support collaboration and networking
  • Develop innovative research
  • Support impact activity and funding bids
  • Organise development activities
  • Curate and communicate resources

The group was founded by Rosemary Golding, Staff Tutor and Senior Lecturer in Music. Please do get in touch if you would like further information or are interested in joining us.

Banner image: Credit: A woman dropping her porcelain tea-cup in horror upon discovering the monstrous contents of a magnified drop of Thames water; revealing the impurity of London drinking water. Coloured etching by W. Heath, 1828. Wellcome Collection.