Helen Barlow Research Fellow and Staff Tutor in Music. History of Musical Listening; music in military contexts; World War I

Naomi Barker Senior Lecturer in Music, Medicine and Religion in late sixteenth- and seventeenth century Rome; Architectural spaces and sensory experience; Music and emotion

Carla Benzan Lecturer in Art History. Early modern art; Northern Italy; Scientific imagery

Sally Blackburn-Daniels Research Assistant in Creative Writing. Psychosomatic illnesses; late nineteenth/ early-twentieth century history.

Siobhan Campbell Senior Lecturer in Creative Writing. Cross-community work including veterans, refugees and hospices; history of Bibliotherapy; Socially engaged poetry; Life writing

Sara Clayson Staff Tutor and Senior Lecturer in Education. Fanfiction and young people's identities; gender identities in popular fiction; narratives or professional identifies in Education

Sarah Crafter Professor in Cultural-Developmental Psychology. Children and young people’s migration, participatory approaches; care practices and caring relationships.

Rosemary Golding Senior Lecturer and Staff Tutor, Music. History of Music Therapy; Nineteenth-Century Britain; Asylums; Learning Disability History

Daniel Gooch Senior Lecturer in Computing and Communications. Health interventions through technology; digital innovation

Rosaria Gracia Associate Lecturer, Visiting Research Fellow and Consultant, WELS and FASS. Dance and movement; Aging; Lifelong learning; Public Health; Emotions and Imagery; Mythology and different cultural traditions; Gender and Technology; Accessibility and Disability

Andrew Griffiths Staff Tutor in English Literature. Madness, masculinity and empire in late nineteenth century Britain

Sara Haslam Professor of Twentieth-Century Literature. Literary caregiving; World War I

Claire Henry Palliative and end of life care; Nursing; Health management

Simon Holland Senior Lecturer in Computing. Music Computing; Digital Health; Human Computer Interaction

Kim Kullman Lecturer in Geography. Social and cultural geography, urban design and planning, sculpture, disability, homelessness.

Robin Laney Senior Lecturer in Computing. Artificial intelligence; Computational Musicology; Music and creativity

Sara MacKian Senior Lecturer in Health and Wellbeing. Spiritualism; Arts and creativity in research and teaching

Laura McGrath Lecturer in Mental Health. Psychologists for Social Change; Sound and Acoustics; Community Arts; Mental Health and Space

Liz Middleton Associate Lecturer in FASS and ECYS. Psychology; Early Years; Mental Health and Wellbeing

Derek Neale Professor of Creative Writing. Writing and memory; Creative process

Suzanne Newcombe Senior Lecturer in Religious Studies. Religion and health, particularly yoga.

Maria Nita Lecturer in Religious Studies. Ritualised performance and socially engaged art, representations of climate, ecological and health crises

Catherine Pestano Associate Lecturer, WELS, and Visiting Fellow, School of Health, Wellbeing and Social Care. Community Music; Applied Music for Health; World Voice Day; Singing Hospitals; Menopause; Refugees; LGBTQ; Singing; Songwriting; Naturebased; Cross-arts collaboration; Creative Café; Long Covid; Carers; Dementia; Parkinsons; COPD; Song Therapy

Joanne Reardon Lecturer in Creative Writing. Retreat and creative practice; contemporary cultures of writing; disruptions in the creative process; mental health of writers

Malik Refaat Staff Tutor in Psychology. Perfect pitch; performance anxiety; social psychology of music and performance; music cognition and perception

Amanda Sciampacone Staff Tutor in Art History. Nineteenth Century Britain; representations of disease (especially Cholera); visualising air pollution

Jennifer Shepherd Senior Lecturer and Staff Tutor, English Literature and Creative Writing. Narratives of aging, class and gender; rejuvenation and anti-aging therapies in interwar women’s writing

Emma Claire Sweeney Lecturer in Creative Writing. Literary representations of learning disability and neurodiversity; late nineteenth/ early-twentieth century history; Poetry co-creation

Marie Thompson Lecturer in Music. Sound, technology and society; Tinnitus; Sonic Cyberfeminisms

Rose Turner Associate Lecturer in Psychology. Narrative engagement, empathy, social cognition, material culture. Visit the Artscog website for more information about Rose's work.

Jitka Vseteckova Senior Lecturer Health and Social Care. Ageing well, five pillars for ageing well; Participatory research and participatory public engagement; knowledge exchange; care & caring; monitoring at home; acoustics; telemedicine

Zoe Walkington Senior Lecturer in Psychology. Psychological impacts of literature; empathy

Patrick Wright Honorary Associate in Creative Writing and English Literature. Ekphrasis and word-image relationships; prose poetry and hybrid forms; trauma and grief writing; therapeutic nature writing