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Books and edited volumes

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Journal papers

Taylor, Clare (2022) ‘Gilt Leather at Gwydir Castle’, PMC Notes, 20, Jan 2022, pp. 22-29.

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Conference papers

Taylor, Clare (2022) ‘An authentic material? Gilt leather imitations in late nineteenth-century Britain’, paper to the 12th Interim Meeting of the ICOM-CC Leather and Related Materials Working Group, hosted by the Cultural Heritage Agency of the Netherlands, 12 Oct 2022 [online],

Blog posts

Donington, Katie (2022) ‘Slavery and the Bank of England: Exploitation on Display’, Centre for the Study of the Legacies of British Slavery, UCL.

Taylor, Clare (2021) ‘“She is now of the family of Champcommunal and other money makers”: women, antiques and interiors in mid twentieth-century London’, antiquedealersblog, University of Leeds

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