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Alex Barber

Dr Alex Barber

Senior Lecturer in Philosophy

Research Group co-lead. Alex’s interest in roles includes the use of codes of ethics in professional contexts, the impact of role differentiation on equality debates, and the way roles can help us understand participatory wellbeing.

Sean Cordell

Dr Sean Cordell

Staff Tutor and Senior Lecturer in Philosophy

Research Group co-lead. Sean’s work in this area addresses the interplay between institutional and individual ethics. More specifically, he has looked at some benefits and difficulties of taking a virtue-based approach to institutions and institutional roles.

David Redfield

Research student (Philosophy)

David is researching a PhD project contrasting the role responsibilities of citizens of democratic and non-democratic countries. He has also had hands-on experience in the distinctive roles of police officer and Church of England minister.

Miranda van de Heijning

Research student (Philosophy)

Miranda’s PhD project concerns moral responsibility in large corporations and specifically the role and duties of individual employees towards social harms committed by their employers. It is prompted by her own experience of working in various corporate roles and the questions this raises about roles, duties and agency.

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