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The group’s core publication is The Ethics of Social Roles (2023), Barber, Alex & Cordell, Sean, eds. Oxford University Press. The first chapter gives an overview of the topic and our approach to it.

In addition, Alex Barber has published on wellbeing and role occupancy (‘Participatory wellbeing and roles’) and on the requirements of honesty (‘Lying, Misleading, and Dishonesty’); while Sean Cordell has published several papers on the applicability of virtue ethics to institutional and roles (‘Role Ethics and Institutional Functions’ ‘Can there be an Ethics for Institutional Agents?’; ‘Group Virtues: No Great Leap Forward with Collectivism’; ‘The biobank as an ethical subject’; ‘Virtuous persons and social roles’) as well as specifically on the ethics of the roles of social worker (with Kenneth McLaughlin) and juror (forthcoming).

For an up-to-date list of other relevant publications, see the research pages of individual group members.

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