Our teaching

Our modules cover a wide range of times, places and themes. You will learn about British, Irish and European history from medieval to modern times. But you will also have the opportunity to focus on themes of change, conflict, imperialism and de-colonization, medicine, religion, politics and warfare. Assessments are an important part of learning: you will have a lot of support from your tutor to help you complete these, and you will receive detailed feedback on your written assignments so that you can learn and improve at your own pace, to reach your goals.

Our collaborations

We offer a module in Scottish History in collaboration with Dundee University, providing OU students the chance to study Scottish history as explored by Scottish historians. If you study these modules, you’ll study online but you will be transferred to Dundee University for the module, giving you access to their specialized library and other resources.

History and your career

History helps our students develop a range of valuable skills that they can use to progress their careers. Constructing an argument in writing, conducting in-depth research and analysing evidence, for example, are important skills in a range of fields, including law, journalism, and the civil service. Many history graduates also use their historical knowledge in jobs as teachers, archivists and librarians, or in the museum and heritage sectors.

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