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The Ancient Body and Sensory Studies

Members of the Classical Studies discipline have distinctive expertise in the study of the ancient body and the senses. We interpret these themes in a highly interdisciplinary way, bringing together the approaches of archaeology, anthropology, social sciences, medical humanities, ancient history and classical studies to find ways of using material culture and written evidence alongside each other.

Research projects:

Selected recent publications:

A history of our own? Using Classics in disability histories (2021-05-10)
King, Helen
In: Adams, Ellen ed. Disability Studies and the Classical Body: The Forgotten Other. Routledge Studies in Ancient Disabilities (pp. 237-263)
ISBN : 9780367221959 | Publisher : Routledge (In Press) | Published : London

Hippocrates Now: The 'Father of Medicine' in the Internet Age (2020)
King, Helen
Bloomsbury Studies in Classical Reception
ISBN : 9781350005891 | Publisher : Bloomsbury | Published : London

Mobility impairment: identifying lived experiences in Roman Italy (2020-01)
Graham, Emma-Jayne
In: Laes, Christian ed. A Cultural History of Disability in Antiquity (pp. 31-45)
ISBN : 978-1-3500-2852-4 | Publisher : Bloomsbury | Published : London


Dr Eleanor Betts
Dr Emma-Jayne Graham
Dr Valerie Hope
Dr Jessica Hughes

Current and recent research students:

Shirley Elderfield, Sensing the Oracle: a Druid Key to Intersensoriality at Dodona

Elizabeth Webb, Audience Sensory Experience in Thucydides’ 'History of the Peloponnesian War'

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