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Classical Studies: Why Study with Us?

Our undergraduate qualifications are open to everyone, even if you have no prior experience of studying the classical world. Classical studies involves looking at the ancient world from the perspective of many different disciplines, and this is reflected in our qualifications which give you the opportunity to study a combination of literature, language, drama, myth, art, archaeology and more.

Our teaching

Our modules cover a diverse range of classical subjects, from the characters of Greek mythology to the power of the Roman empire. If you take BA (Honours) Classical Studies, you’ll also have the opportunity to study modules in related areas, such as religion, philosophy or art history, if you’d like to.

Our student experience

Each student brings their own unique experience to these ancient texts, images and objects, and this makes for an exciting and dynamic learning environment. Many of our students enjoy studying classical studies with us so much they go on to do an MA or even a PhD. We consistently score highly in student satisfaction ratings, and our students are the best ambassadors for our subject. You can hear what our students say, and read some of their inspiring stories on our blog – just use the ‘Undergraduate student profiles’ or ‘Postgraduate student profiles’ links on the right-hand side to read them.

Classical Studies and your career

As well as the subject-related knowledge you’ll gain, you’ll also learn a host of transferable skills such as extended writing, analytical thinking, problem-solving and the communication of knowledge and ideas to different audiences. We’ll help you explain the skills you’ve gained to future employers and explore your career options.

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