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We focus on real-world economics, teaching the analytical techniques and practical skills required to understand the world of production, employment, spending and borrowing, and the effects of government policy and technical innovation. Through the study and teaching of both micro- and macro-economics, we examine what makes economies shrink or grow, the connections between income generation and distribution, the changing role of finance, and how economic developments affect individuals, households, firms and governments.

Our pluralist approach to the subject combines a technical understanding of how economic systems work with an exploration of developed and emerging economies around the world, combining theory with practical observation and measurement. Our economics degree programmes and modules are regularly updated to reflect the latest research and events.

Our academics

The discipline has a diverse team of academics with specialisms ranging from personal finance and the tax system to inequality, economic policy and political economy, and particular interests in growth, trade, health, happiness and innovation. We work closely with colleagues in the social and natural sciences to ensure the economy is viewed and taught in context.

Our academic staff have contributed to a wide range of Open University/BBC productions, recently including WastemenBillion Dollar Deals, Masters of Money, and Economics With Subtitles. We also write for the national press on taxation, asset-based welfare and other topical issues.

Our research

We are heavily involved in the OU’s groundbreaking Innovation and International Development research, which frequently shapes both policy and practice at the highest levels.  This research informs two initiatives:

How we work with others

Our economics research has an international profile, with projects funded by UK research councils, charities and international institutions such as the European Commission and United Nations agencies.

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