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Community-led Policy Innovation for Local Food-Growing

17th November 2023

Community-led Policy Innovation for Local Food-Growing is a seminar that will present a pilot study funded by the OSC programme.

Economics seminar series: Quo Vadis Development Studies? Changing dynamics in a contested field

16th November 2023

Drawing from recent publications below, the seminar explores the role of critical development policies, and emergent theoretical paradigms.  

Economics seminar series: Sovereign Debt and Feminist Political Economy

25th October 2023

OU Economics is proud to celebrate a recently published collaborative book on feminism and sovereign debt, edited by Juan Pablo Bohoslavsky (CONICET) and Mariana Rulli (UNRN).

Economics seminar series: Privatisation and its Discontents

20th June 2023

Privatisation policies have been heavily promoted worldwide by governments and international agencies using the claim that markets will do better at allocating resources and improve inefficient and under-invested public sector systems.

Economics seminar series: Pension funds and market tumult

25th May 2023

The Covid crisis and financial turbulence of September 2022 exposed the linkages between pension funds and short-term liquidity, casting doubts about their ability to act as patient investors, especially as stabilising forces during crises. In this seminar, Jennifer Churchill, senior lecturer at UWE, Bristol Business School, and Bruno Bonizzi, Senior Lecturer at the University of Hertfordshire, Business School, will talk about the persion funds and market tumult.

OU Economics & the Rosa Luxemburg Foundation: Book Launch: Imperialism and the Political Economy of Global South’s Debt

18th April 2023

The Rosa Luxemburg Foundation and OU Economics are delighted to host the Book Launch of Imperialism and the Political Economy of Global South's Debt, where experts connect the history of this issue with a range of factors including class dynamics, the changing landscape of sovereign debt markets, the global liquidity cycle, the enduring constraints of commodity dependence, ecological sustainability and the limitations of the current ad hoc sovereign debt restructuring procedures.

Economics seminar series: Inequality, protest and cost-of-living crisis

9th March 2023

The Open University Economics Seminar Series is honoured to host Chiara Putaturo (Oxfam), Baba Aye (Public Services International) and Lucia Pradella (King’s College London) as they discuss the driving forces for the on-going wave of protests and strikes. The event will be chaired by Julia Ngozi Chukwuma (The Open University).

Economics seminar series: The Welsh Basic Income Pilot

15th December 2022

The Open University Economics Seminar Series is honoured to host the First Minister of Wales Mark Drakeford and Minister for Social Justice Jane Hutt as they discuss the Welsh basic income pilot for people leaving care. The event will be introduced and chaired by Rajiv Prabhakar.

Economics seminar series: Green finance, energy transitions and geo-political crisis in Eurasia and beyond

16th November 2022

Olena Borodyna, Senior Transition Risk Analyst from the Overseas Development Institute and Basani Baloyi from the Institute for Economic Justice in South Africa will discuss the challenges posed in the climate–security nexus.

Economics seminar series: Essential for what? A global social reproduction view on the re-organisation of work during the COVID-19 pandemic

22nd June 2022

This talk explores the concept of essential work using a global feminist social reproduction perspective. Based on research conducted in the first phase of the pandemic, it shows that the meaning of essential work in essential work legislations/classifications is more ambiguous and politicised than it may appear.

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