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Economics seminar series: The Welsh Basic Income Pilot

15th December 2022

The Open University Economics Seminar Series is honoured to host the First Minister of Wales Mark Drakeford and Minister for Social Justice Jane Hutt as they discuss the Welsh basic income pilot for people leaving care. The event will be introduced and chaired by Rajiv Prabhakar.

Economics seminar series: Green finance, energy transitions and geo-political crisis in Eurasia and beyond

16th November 2022

Olena Borodyna, Senior Transition Risk Analyst from the Overseas Development Institute and Basani Baloyi from the Institute for Economic Justice in South Africa will discuss the challenges posed in the climate–security nexus.

Economics seminar series: Essential for what? A global social reproduction view on the re-organisation of work during the COVID-19 pandemic

22nd June 2022

This talk explores the concept of essential work using a global feminist social reproduction perspective. Based on research conducted in the first phase of the pandemic, it shows that the meaning of essential work in essential work legislations/classifications is more ambiguous and politicised than it may appear.

Economics seminar series: Fiscal Policy in the Post-Financial Crisis Era: Debates and Lessons Learned

25th May 2022

In this talk, Dr. Ayobami ILori will focus on recent evidence and debates on fiscal policy since 2007, both from an academic and policymakers’ perspectives. 

The Twice Migrated Gujarati women of west London: financialization and pensions

20th May 2022

In this presentation, Prof Pauline Gleadle and Dr Neeta Shah talk about their research focussing on a group of older Gujarati women aged 60-70+, whom we describe using as Twice Migrated.

Voting for 'None of the Above': Enabling electoral disenchantment

5th May 2022

Richard Heffernan discusses enabling electoral disenchantment to be expressed at an election.

Economics seminar series: Why grow a tree? Barriers and boosters for landowners to adopt agroforestry

27th April 2022

In this talk, Dr. Aiora Zabala will provide an overview of the challenges and drivers for planting trees in productive farming systems, a climate and sustainability solution that aligns environmental conservation and development goals. 

Economics seminar series: Health and industrial policy in and after Covid-19: Economic context from UNIDO's Industrial Development Report (IDR) 2022

30th March 2022

OU Economics Seminar Series 2022

Health and industrial policy in and after Covid-19: Economic context from UNIDO's Industrial Development Report (IDR) 2022.

Paul Anand (Economics): The capability approach to human wellbeing

10th December 2021

In this talk, Professor Paul Anand will provide an overview of research related to the operationalisation of the Sen-Nussbaum capability approach to human wellbeing.

Economics Seminar: Solving the Care Crisis with Public Investment

30th November 2021

Dr Jerome de Henau presents new research showing how investment in care can achieve both social and macro-economic goals.

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