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Research Students in History

Current research students and their research topics:

Claire Ashwell, ‘Emotion and emotional response engendered within the funeral processions and pageants of Tudor Queens’ (Supervisors: Neil Younger, Sara Wolfson, Silvia de Renzi)

Sophie Dubillot, ‘Ce n'est pas une blague: Purposes and limits of humour in early post-war France, 1944-46’ (Supervisors: Luc-André Brunet, Vincent Trott, Annika Mombauer) - Collaborative Doctoral Award with Cambridge University Library

Ann Gillan, ‘”We do not wish to impose our ideas on other nations”: Promoting the aims of the Third Reich to an international audience. A study of the National Socialist journal Freude und Arbeit, 1936 to 1939’  (Supervisors: Annika Mombauer, Luc-André Brunet)

Joan Hornsby, ‘Managing Pauperism and Poverty in Axminster Union 1860-1901’ (Supervisors: Donna Loftus, Robin Mackie)

Frank Hughes, ‘Captives of the System: The Commissioners in Lunacy as Regulators of Services for Pauper Lunatics and Idiots, 1845-1914’ (Supervisors: Donna Loftus, Silvia de Renzi)

Christopher Mains, ‘Espionage, The Monarchical Republic & The Career of Sir Robert Cecil, 1590-1603’ (Supervisors: Neil Younger, Ole Grell)

Sophie Michell, ‘The Dynamics of Death: Peterborough Coroners’ Court, 1854-1905’ (Supervisors: Paul Lawrence, Donna Loftus)

Amy Moore, ‘Oxford 1575-1640 ; Town, Crown and People’ (Supervisors: Neil Younger, Gemma Allen)

Jack Taylor, ‘Sexual Violence against men c. 1760-1860’  (Supervisors: Paul Lawrence, Rosalind Crone)

Lizzie Wells, ‘Ready to fight everybody. The rise and fall of pupil insurgency in England's public schools 1768-1868’  (Supervisors: Rosalind Crone, Anna Plassart)

Helen Wilson, ‘BAME people in British politics, 1750-1850: A story of unrecorded presence’ (Supervisors: Amanda Goodrich, Suzanne Forbes) - Collaborative Doctoral Award with the History of Parliament Trust.

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