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Past Events

Workshop 4: ‘Show and Tell’

21st February 2020

Workshop 4 will be centred on a ‘Show and Tell’ style of presentation. Members of the network will choose one item from the Glasgow City Archives to speak about and the item will be on display.

Public Study Day 1

16th November 2019

Come along and hear about some of the research topics from members of the network, and learn how to use different types of archival document.

Workshop 3: Continue to Explore ‘Global Glasgow’ and ‘For the People’

21st September 2019

This workshop will continue to explore the themes of Workshop 2, ‘Global Glasgow’ and ‘For the People’, and prepare for our Public Study Day in November.

Workshop 2: Exploring Themes ‘Global Glasgow’ and ‘For the People’

29th June 2019

This workshop will continue to explore the broad themes proposed in Workshop 1: ‘Global Glasgow’ and ‘For the People’.

Introducing the Cultural History of Glasgow Research Network

18th March 2019

Dr Elaine Moohan and Dr Irene O’Brien will lead our first workshop giving an introduction to the Glasgow City Archives, including guidance on handling archival materials, and a general introduction to the project.