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Interactive Map

Screenshot of the Glasgow map from 1925

Our interactive map showcases a sample of the research that our network has been working on. It also gives some information about research materials and support.

Brian Henderson, Old Glasgow Club.

Carol Parry, The Trades House Library and Archives.

Dorothy Gunnee, Glasgow Arts Centre, and Dolphin Arts Centre.

Elaine Moohan, Music in Parks: Concert programmes for Friday 17th and Sunday 19th June, 1925 in Alexandra Park and Bellahouston Park.

Mary McHugh, Glasgow Orpheus and Phoenix Choirs.

A historic Ward Map for 1925 has been used to position the icons. The Ward Map Transparency Slider allows you to move between this and a modern map of Glasgow. Click on a mask or music icon to reveal information for each topic at the right-hand side of the screen. You may need to scroll down or use the forward/ backward arrows at the top of this panel to see all of the text.