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Workshop 3: Preparing for the Public Study Day

Flipchart pages with post-it notes used by discussion groups to collect ideas for the Public Study Day, Mitchell LibraryThanks to members who were able to attend our third workshop on Saturday 21st September. We welcomed some new members and had another set of our 3-minute snapshot presentations on family history, Belgian refugees, Luftwaffe hits on Glasgow, and archaeology.

The main aim of this workshop was to collect ideas for talks at our Public Study Day (16th November), and we filled our time with lively and creative discussions. We’ll certainly have an interesting and wide-ranging set of talks that day. We’ll aim to have a full session on each of our three themes, Culture as a vehicle for inclusiveness; Culture as a vehicle for health and wellbeing: and, Culture in times of conflict. There’ll be a combination of 15-minute collaborative presentations and short, 5-minute ‘How to …’ talks about using archival documents. By the end of Workshop 3, we had collected three 15-minute collaborative presentations, and five 5-minute. There are still several slots to be filled. A draft programme will be circulated to all members shortly.