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Democracy, Disinformation and Religion (DDR)

Democracy, Disinformation and Religion is a project with three main aims.

First, it brings together representatives of civil society, religious organisations, journalism, policymaking and counter-disinformation professions from across the globe in order to share experiences and best practices when it comes to countering information manipulation by the authoritarian state actors of today.

Second, it engages in and promotes cross-disciplinary research on the understudied role of religious institutions and communities as information actors.

Third, the project uses creative methods to generate novel interventions and impacts for knowledge exchange and among different publics.

The project is co-led by Dr Precious Chatterje-Doody (POLIS) and Dr Paul-François Tremlett (Religious Studies) and involves partners from a wide range of civil society, religious and media organisations across the globe. For more information on our partners, see the network page.

Democracy, Disinformation and Religion has been generously supported by the Open University’s Open Societal Challenges fund.