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Art History: Why Study with Us?

Why study art history?

Visual literacy is a key skill in our contemporary, global world. Studying Art History will enable you to grasp the part that art, architecture and design have played in everyday life in both the past and present.

Art history is also an enjoyable and challenging way to develop and enhance critical thinking and a variety of skills applicable to every walk of life. Be inspired – spread your visual wings!

You will learn:

  • the ways that images, environments and artefacts convey meaning and value through being looked at and handled
  • the power of images to influence debates, both historically and in the present day
  • to construct, develop and argue your own informed views.

Why study art history with the OU?

At The Open University we have been teaching art history to thousands of students since 1975. Join them and be a part of creative, inspiring and challenging way of looking at and engaging with objects. Study art history with a difference, study with the OU, because:

  • our modules are produced with you in mind and strive to provide you with the highest and best quality material
  • we push the boundaries of the discipline as well as using well-established principals and methodologies
  • our teaching is delivered through a combination of lavishly produced and richly illustrated material and carefully put together online material, accessible on the go
  • you are in the company of established academics with high research profiles, sharing their knowledge with you
  • we want you to have the best experience in studying your chosen subject and the best prospects in applying your acquired knowledge to your own life goals.

About our modules

Art History at the OU has adopted a broad approach to the teaching of art history, enabling students to study modules of both an interdisciplinary and single-disciplinary character. Our modules are concerned not just with the history and theory of art, but also with the analysis of a diverse range of media including painting, sculpture, photography, prints, architecture, installations, film and video art. The core modules are organised in levels. Students are encouraged to progress from first through to second and third level modules.

A taster for one of our modules: art and global histories

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