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Current PhD Students

Mirjam von Bechtholsheim (Full-time)
Ritual and Identity: British Collections of Bronze Figurines from First-Millennium-BC pre-Roman Italy
(Supervisors: Eleanor Betts, Phil Perkins, Anastasia Christophilopoulou (Cambridge); started 2020)

Sian Beavers (Full-time)
Gaming Strategies for Teaching Classics
(Supervisors: E. Barker, E. FitzGerald and S. Warnecke; started 2015) 

Marilyn Booth (Part-time)
Sensing the Circus: assessing the sensory experiences of Rome’s Circus Maximus
(Supervisors: E. Betts, V. Hope; started 2019)

Shirley Elderfield (Part-time)
Sensing the Oracle: a Druid Key to Intersensoriality at Dodona
(Supervisors: G. Harvey (Religious Studies), J. Hughes and E. Betts; started 2016)

Stuart Falconer (Full-time)
The economic history of the civitas Dumnoniorum
(Supervisors: U. Rothe, P. Perkins; started 2018)

Paula Loreto Granados Garcia (Full-time)
Cultural Contacts in Early Roman Spain through Linked Open Data
(Supervisors: P. Perkins, U. Rothe, G. Bodard (Institute of Classical Studies); started 2016)

Claire Greenhalgh (Full-time)
The Depiction of Slavery in Recent Ancient World Television Drama (2005-2013): Politics, Culture and Society.
(Supervisors: J. Paul, T. Fear and T. Keen; started 2014)

Alice Mansfield (Part-time)
Cinematic Receptions of the Perseus Myth
(Supervisors: J. Paul, T. Fear; started 2017)

Sarah Middle (Full-time)
Integrating Linked Data Resources with Existing Research Methodologies in Classics and Related Disciplines
(Supervisors: E. Barker, P. Perkins, M. D'Anquin (KMI); started 2016)

Sandra Moncur (Part-time)
Unveiling the Ancient Greek Tragic Mask
(Supervisors: J. Haywood, L. Swift, N. Yamagata, G. May; started 2017)

Adam Parker (Part-time)
Magic in Roman Britain
(Supervisors: H King, U Rothe and E-J Graham; started Jan 2016)

Kim Pratt (Part-time)
Beauty and the Beast: Rethinking Monsters and the Monstrous in Classical Antiquity and Beyond
(Supervisors: J. Paul, P. Katritzky; started 2018)

Barbara Roberts (Full-time)
Amulets, their makers, and the spread of ideas in the later Roman Empire
(Supervisors: J. Hughes, E-J. Graham; started 2019)

Dominic Solly (Part-time)
A Comparison, in Terms of Both Literature and History, of Virgil's Treatment of Augustus and Claudian's Treatment of Stilicho
(Supervisors: T. Fear, G. Kelly (Edinburgh), N. Yamagata; started 2014)

Elizabeth Webb (Part-time)
Audience Sensory Experience in Thucydides’ 'History of the Peloponnesian War'
(Supervisors: E. Barker, E. Bridges, E. Betts; started 2016)

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