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Pedagogy of Classical Studies

The pedagogy of classics teaching is an exciting and emerging field of research that covers teaching and learning across the full range of classical studies sub-disciplines. Our research in this area has led to the development of open access teaching materials to develop classical language learning. We are committed to championing and sustaining Classical Studies and ancient languages in a fast-moving world, and believe our discipline has a fundamental place in modern society.

Amongst the projects currently being undertaken by members of the department is The British Academy funded research project, The Battle for Latin: improving retention and progression for beginner’s Latin students in UK universities.


Selected recent publications:

Staying the distance: transforming Latin pedagogy at The Open University (2019)
Lloyd, Mair E. and Robson, James
Journal of Latin Linguistics, 18(1-2) (pp. 101-128)

Making IT Count: Measuring Student Engagement with Online Resources at The Open University (2019-06-13)
Robson, James and Lloyd, Mair
In: Natoli, Bartolo and Hunt, Steven eds. Teaching Classics with Technology (pp. 39-52)
ISBN : 978-1-350-11093-9 | Publisher : Bloomsbury | Published : London


Professor James Robson
Dr Naoko Yamagata
Dr Christine Plastow
Professor Phil Perkins
Dr Alexandra Wilding

Current and recent research students:

Sian Beavers, Gaming Strategies for Teaching Classics (2020)​

Mair Lloyd, Living Latin: sociocultural theory and the communicative approach in face-to-face and online Latin teaching and learning (2016)​

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