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Pevsner book in a bike basket

Pevsner and Lockdown

Dr Clare Taylor, a Senior Lecturer in Art History at The Open University, devised an innovative way to combine her passions during lockdown. Find out how a series of architectural guides known as ‘Pevsners’ inspired her to explore rural Oxfordshire

9th September 2020
A female with long dark hair using a laptop

The Global Financial Safety Net, COVID-19 & Developing Countries

Christina Laskaridis is a Lecturer in Economics at The Open University. She will be presenting the findings of a recent paper which explores plans to fill a $2.5 trillion financing gap to combat COVID-19 and the subsequent financial crises

9th September 2020
Photo by Gayatri Malhotra on Unsplash - young woman with beautiful brown eyes staring at the camera with a black mask on

Work-related and Personal Predictors of COVID-19 Transmission

A new paper co-written by Paul Anand, Professor of Economics at The Open University, provides new evidence from a survey of 2000 individuals in the US and UK related to predictors of COVID-19 transmission

7th September 2020

Dr Renate Dohmen developing collaboration with Norfolk Museums on the topic of ‘Decolonizing the Museum’

Dr Renate Dohmen, Lecturer in Art History, is currently developing a collaboration with Norfolk Museums on the topic of ‘Decolonizing the Museum’ (2020). The pilot project aims to support museum staff to explore approaches to decolonising the museum and its collections.

4th September 2020
Photo by the Scottish Government - South West Glasgow Carers Centre

Stimulating OECD economies post-COVID by investing in care

A new paper by Jerome De Henau, Senior Lecturer in Economics and Susan Himmelweit, Emeritus Professor, argues for a care-led recovery with public investment in high-quality care services and better conditions for care workers

2nd September 2020

Open Arts Journal Issue 8 launched

Issue 8 (summer 2020) of Open Arts Journal: ‘Brexit Wounds: Arts and Humanities Responses to Leaving the EU’ edited by Fionna Barber and Eleanor Byrne has now launched.

2nd September 2020

Dr Carla Benzan co-organising online conference ‘Image and Ascent: Mountain Terrains in the History of Art’

Lecturer in Art History, Dr Carla Benzan is co-organising the online conference: ‘Image and Ascent: Mountain Terrains in the History of Art’ hosted by The Warburg Institute. Speakers will discuss recent interest in mountains across the humanities into dialogue with the history of images, offering a forum for new research concerning images of, and images produced in, mountainous terrains.

2nd September 2020

Dr Leah Clark receives Istanbul Research Institute travel grant for research in Istanbul

Senior Lecturer, Dr Leah Clark is the recipient of an Istanbul Research Institute travel grant for research in Istanbul in 2021 for her project ‘Courtly Mediators: Transcultural Objects across Renaissance Courts’.

24th August 2020
Tip jar - Photo by Sam Dan Truong on Unsplash

Five top tips for managing your personal finances

Jonquil Lowe, Senior Lecturer in Economics and Personal Finance at The Open University, offers advice on how to manage your money through the coronavirus pandemic. This article was originally published in The Conversation

24th August 2020
Photo by Christina @ on Unsplash - female using a laptop in an open, bright room

Designing Courses for the Transition to Online Teaching

Dr Cristina Santos, a Lecturer in Economics at The Open University, recently presented in a University College London webinar. Cristina draws on her vast experience in order to share advice, tips and guidance for educators forced to move their courses online

17th August 2020

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