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Join the OU Tilt this summer solstice

Campbell Park’s Light Pyramid

With the summer solstice almost upon us, Stephen Peake, Professor of Climate Change, and Graham Harvey, Professor of Religious Studies, are asking others to share how they’ll be celebrating.

Humans have been coming together for millennia to honour the power of the sun. It is the engine behind all life on Earth, providing us with everything from warmth to food crops, right through to a smile on a gloomy day. As the climate crisis worsens, it will take on even greater importance by becoming a source of renewable energy that helps sustain modern life. 

Graham, who previously teamed up with Stephen on the environmental project Totem Latamat for COP26, said:

“Witnessing the sunrise on the solstices is magical precisely because everyone can do it. And it’s a great time to be grateful for the ordinary and extraordinary things that enable us to live.”

So, what’s on your agenda for Tuesday 21st June? Maybe you’re heading to Campbell Park’s Light Pyramid, a structure positioned for full alignment with the solstice sunrise. Or perhaps you plan on watching the sun go down, over a Prosecco picnic with friends. Your celebrations may simply involve relaxing in the garden.

Whatever way you’re marking the occasion, Stephen and Graham want to extend our connection with the sun into a connection with one another. Get involved by sharing your pictures, stories and videos using #OUtilt.

And if you want to learn more about renewable energy, check out Stephen’s Pocket Einstein guide.


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