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GCSJ seminar series: To smell is to kill: sensate regimes of war and martial power

24th June 2022

Dr Kevin McSorley (OU) offers a critical inquiry into war and its sensate regimes.

Refugee Week 2022 seminar: Blood and Gold – a journey

23rd June 2022

As part of Refugee Week 2022, the Sanctuary Working Group at the OU is hosting three events. In the final session, Mara Menzies explores migration journeys through her award-winning show Blood and Gold.

Refugee Week 2022 seminar: Identity over time

22nd June 2022

As part of Refugee Week 2022, the Sanctuary Working Group at the OU is hosting three events, including a digital photographic exhibition of works by amateur and professional Swansea photographers.

Refugee Week 2022 seminar: No Friends but the Mountains

21st June 2022

As part of Refugee Week 2022, the Sanctuary Working Group at the OU is hosting three events, starting with a showing of the wonderful short film ‘No Friends but the Mountains’, composed of Kurdish voices and Welsh animation.

Sophie Watson (Sociology): Interrogating the ‘soft skills’ of street market traders.

17th June 2022

The Covid 19 crisis has generated new awareness of the significance of different forms of labour. In this talk, Professor Sophie Watson discusses, first, the notion of skill, then explores skills among a group that are not typically imagined as particularly skilled: market traders to illustrate that a job which seemingly anyone can do requires a complexity of know-how, if the trader is to be commercially successful.

Sanctuary at The Open University Seminar: The Migration Blanket - Climate Solidarity

24th May 2022

After the successful seminar on War in Ukraine and forced displacement in Europe, The Sanctuary at The Open University Working Group are pleased to announce the second event in our Seminar Series on Displacement, Education, Integration. These seminars are open to all staff, students, and external guests.

Voting for 'None of the Above': Enabling electoral disenchantment

5th May 2022

Richard Heffernan discusses enabling electoral disenchantment to be expressed at an election.

I Am a Londoner (Festival of Ideas)

20th July 2021

The Festival of Ideas will explore our individual and collective visions and plans for strong communities in London. 

Conference: Improving Access to Higher Education & Employment for Forced Migrants

14th June 2021

This conference aims to improve access to higher education and employment opportunities including the role of further education for forced migrants in Wales and beyond.

Talk at Tate Modern: The Role of Research in International Solidarity

23rd January 2020

Dr Umut Erel, Senior Lecturer in Sociology is to highlight the role of research in strengthening solidarity between people with different experiences when she speaks at the Tate Modern.

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