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Creativity and Innovation in a World of Movement (CIM)

A €1m Collaborative Research Project funded by the European Science Foundation (HERA JRP). The Lead Project is Queen's University, Belfast, with other consortium members at the Free University, Amsterdam/Utrecht University, the University of Oslo, and The Open University. Our key Associate Member is the Museum of Ethnology, Vienna. More details are available from the CIM lead project website.

Project #04 of the CIM consortium is based at the OU, with Principal Investigator, Dr Leon Wainwright (Department of Art History). Its specific focus is the Anglophone Caribbean. The region has become a seminal context for the study of transnationalism but less is known of how this intersects with the art production and display of the Caribbean and its diaspora. This part of the CIM project compares and contrasts the ways in which artists and curators contribute to the formation of transnational community, or seek alternative ways to understand themselves and their art practices.

The project will run for two years from June 2010, with follow-up activity through the project ‘Disturbing Pasts: Memories, Controversies and Creativity’.

Among the outcomes of the project is the knowledge transfer website – ‘CIM:Resource’ – designed as a research-informed application for teaching and learning.

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