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Digital Classics

Digital Classics promotes and coordinates interdisciplinary research into the classical world using digital technologies. Starting with ‘The Herodotus Hestia project’, work has expanded to embrace the ancient world and, through collaboration, is now becoming the global and transhistorical Pelagios network. Our Digital Classics research engages with heritage professionals facilitating advances in data management using linked data. We also research other map-based approaches, digital methods for sensory archaeology, and digital imaging techniques. We play a leading role in Digital Humanities at The Open University.

Research projects:

Selected recent publications:

Coding for the Many, Transforming Knowledge for All: Annotating Digital Documents (2020-01)​
Barker, Elton; Foka, Anna and Konstantinidou, Kyriaki​
Publications of the Modern Language Association, 135(1) (pp. 195-202)​​

What would Indy do? Resisting post-truth through the practice of annotation (2020)​
Barker, Elton​
In: Roosevelt, Chris ed. Spatial Webs: Mapping Anatolian Pasts for Research and the Public. ANAMEDD: Research Center for Anatolian Civilizations (pp. 5-31)​
Publisher : Koç University Research Centre for Anatolian Civilizations | Published : Istanbul​​

Revisiting Linking Early Geospatial Documents with Recogito(2019)​
Barker, Elton; Simon, Rainer; Vitale, Valeria; Kahn, Rebecca and Isaksen, Leif​
e-Perimetron, 14(3) (pp. 150-163)


Professor Elton Barker
Dr Eleanor Betts
Dr Jason Lucas
Professor Phil Perkins

Current and recent research students:

Paula Loreto Granados Garcia, Cultural Contacts in Early Roman Spain through Linked Open Data (2020)

Sarah Middle, Integrating Linked Data Resources with Existing Research Methodologies in Classics and Related Disciplines

Mia Ridge, Crowdsourcing, Participant Digitisation and the Geo-Location of Historical Materials (2016)

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