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GCSJ seminar series: (In)visibility, business continuity and remote working in the UN system during the COVID pandemic

20th January 2023

This GCSJ seminar discusses the recent research project investigating how organisational change processes take effect in international bureaucracies. Dr Georgina Holmes is Principal Investigator for a project supported by UN Women which examines men and women’s experiences of working remotely during the COVID-19 pandemic (2020-2022).

Eco-creativity Conference 2022: The Arts Mapping Emotional Landscapes of the Climate and Ecological Crises

18th November 2022 to 19th November 2022

In this third edition of the Eco-creativity conference, we invite interdisciplinary, empirical, and ethnographic approaches to understanding the role of arts and creative industries in delineating new ‘emotional landscapes’ of the climate and ecological crises.

Citizenship Studies seminar series: Covid Chronicles from the Margins

23rd May 2022

As part of the Citizenship Studies seminar series, Prof. Marie Gillespie investigates how forced migrants from around the world have responded to the COVID-19 pandemic via creative and artful resistance to marginalisation. 

Voting for 'None of the Above': Enabling electoral disenchantment

5th May 2022

Richard Heffernan discusses enabling electoral disenchantment to be expressed at an election.

Citizenship Studies seminar series: Who should care? Social care and citizenship

27th April 2022

As part of the Citizenship Studies seminar series, Dr Dan Taylor discusses how social care remains woefully underfunded and what it reflects

‘Teach in’: The War in Ukraine Q&A

7th April 2022

This roundtable with POLIS academics is designed to allow students to engage with OU research and ask questions on what is happening and what it means for the future of international politics.

Citizenship Studies seminar series: ‘Ordinary Citizenship’: Anthropological Approaches

6th April 2022

As part of the Citizenship Studies seminar series, Professor Catherine Neveu uses empirical research carried out in France and other contexts to discuss the gains to be obtained by exploring citizenship processes “through the ordinary”.

Open Politics: How UK Parliament works – campaigning webinar

5th April 2022

Part of Open Politics seminar series, after an introduction to UK Parliament, this session focuses on the practicalities of working with members of the House of Commons and the House of Lords, and how to engage with the legislative process.

Open Politics: How UK Parliament works – introductory webinar

22nd February 2022

Part of our Open Politics seminar series, this interactive webinar explores ways to get your voice heard and participate in democracy, explains the process of elections and the difference between government and parliament.

Private Sponsorship of Refugees: Europe's response to the Global Compact

26th January 2022

This is first talk in the OU Migration Research Seminar Series 2022.

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