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Classical Reception Studies

We are home to the innovative and pioneering Classical Receptions research group, which is dedicated to exploring the ways in which Greek and Roman texts, ideas and material culture have been interpreted, used and reworked by later cultures and societies. Through a wide range of activities, we focus on publishing high-quality research, developing new ways of accessing information on Classical Receptions, and engaging directly with those people involved in exploring the classical world, from practitioners to the general public.

Research projects:

Selected recent publications:

Opening the body of fluids: Taking in and pouring out in Renaissance readings of Classical women (2021-04-27)​
King, Helen
In: Bradley, Mark; Leonard, Victoria and Totelin, Laurence eds. Bodily Fluids in Antiquity (pp. 381-398)
ISBN : 9781138343726 | Publisher : Routledge (In Press) | Published : London

Homeric Summaries in Plato (2020-11-05)​
Yamagata, Naoko​
In: de Fátima Silva, M; Bouvier, D and das Graças Augusto, M eds. A Special Model of Classical Reception: Summaries and Short Narratives (pp. 22-33)​
ISBN : 978-1-5275-5714-7 | Publisher : Cambridge Scholars Publishing | Published : Newcastle upon Tyne​​

Drones Over Pompeii: Cinematic Perspectives on Antiquity in the Digital Era (2019-07)​
Paul, Joanna​
Classical Receptions Journal, 11(3) (pp. 274-295)


Dr John Bloxham
Dr Emma Bridges
Dr Trevor Fear
Professor Lorna Hardwick
Professor John Harrison
Dr Jan Haywood
Dr Jessica Hughes
Dr Jasmine Hunter-Evans
Dr Paula James
Professor Helen King
Dr David Noy
Dr Joanna Paul
Dr Christine Plastow
Dr Amanda Potter
Professor James Robson
Dr Laura Swift
Dr Naoko Yamagata

Current and recent research students:

Claire Greenhalgh, The Depiction of Slavery in Recent Ancient World Television Drama (2020)​

John Harrison, Myth in reception: Stourhead House and Gardens, 1714-1830 (2018)​

Iarla Manny, Oscar Wilde and the Classics (2018)​

Alice Mansfield, Cinematic Receptions of the Perseus Myth ​

Tori McKee, Hippolytus and Phaedra in Drama, Dance, Opera and Film (2016)​

Amanda Potter, Viewer Reception of Classical Myth in Xena: Princess and Charmed (2014)​

Kim Pratt, Beauty and the Beast: Rethinking Monsters and the Monstrous in Classical Antiquity and Beyond​

Henry Stead, Catullus in the Cockney School: A Study of Catullan Reception in the Keats Circle (2011)

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