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Greek and Latin texts

Researching Greek and Latin texts is fundamental to many areas of Classical Studies. Academics at the OU work on a wide range of genres, from drama, forensic speeches, and the earliest epic and lyric poetry, to philosophy, history, medical texts, Latin poetry and epigraphy.

Selected recent publications:

Sappho and the Gods (2021-03)​
Swift, Laura​
In: Finglass, Patrick and Kelly, Adrian eds. The Cambridge Companion to Sappho. Cambridge Companions to Literature (pp. 209-222)​
ISBN : 9781316986974 | Publisher : Cambridge University Press | Published : Cambridge​​

Homer’s Thebes: Epic Rivalries and the Appropriation of Mythical Pasts (2020-01)​
Barker, Elton T. E. and Christensen, Joel P.​
Hellenic Studies​
ISBN : 9780674237926 | Publisher : Harvard University Press​​

Suicide in Homer and the Tale of the Heike (2020-11-05)​
Yamagata, Naoko​
Yearbook of Ancient Greek Epic, 4 (pp. 72-94)​​

The Role of Quintus Dellius in the meeting of Antony and Cleopatra at Tarsus (2020)​
Fear, Trevor​
Phoenix, 74(1-2) ((In press))​​

Octavia: a Roman mother in mourning (2020)​
Hope, Valerie​
In: Sharrock, Alison and Keith, Alison eds. Maternal conceptions in classical literature and philosophy​
ISBN : 9781487532017 | Publisher : University of Toronto Press​​

Homicide in the Attic Orators: Rhetoric, Ideology, and Context (2020-02-03)​
Plastow, Christine​
ISBN : 9780429027031 | Publisher : Routledge | Published : London​​

Archilochus: The Poems: Introduction, Text, Translation, and Commentary (2019-02-19)​
Swift, Laura​
ISBN : 9780198768074 | Publisher : Oxford University Press


Professor Elton Barker
Dr Emma Bridges
Professor Chris Emlyn-Jones
Dr Trevor Fear
Professor Judith George
Dr Jan Haywood
Dr Jasmine Hunter-Evans
Dr Valerie Hope
Dr Jessica Hughes
Dr Paula James
Professor Helen King
Dr David Noy
Dr Joanna Paul
Dr Christine Plastow
Dr Doris Post
Professor James Robson
Dr Laura Swift
Dr Astrid Voigt
Dr Alexandra Wilding
Dr Naoko Yamagata

Current and recent research students:

Catherine Jackson, What’s Hebuca to Him or He to Hecuba? (2012)​

Paul Jackson, De natura deorum Epicureorum (2015)​

Sandra Moncur, Unveiling the Ancient Greek Tragic Mask​

Jacqueline Peake, Tragic Apollo in Fifth-Century Athens: Texts and Contexts (2011)​

Doris Post, Choral Authoritativeness in Sophocles (2018)​

Kim Pratt, Beauty and the Beast: Rethinking Monsters and the Monstrous in Classical Antiquity and Beyond​

Sophie Raudnitz, Tracing the Establishment of Political Society: Remembering and Forgetting in Ancient Greek Literature (2018)​

Pauline Rochelle, Using and Abusing Children in Greek Tragedy (2012)​

Bijon Sinha, Crete and the Cretans of Euripides: Perceptions and Representations (2016)​

Dominic Solly, A Comparison, in Terms of Both Literature and History, of Virgil's Treatment of Augustus and Claudian's Treatment of Stilicho​

Elizabeth Webb, Audience Sensory Experience in Thucydides’ 'History of the Peloponnesian War'​

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