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Me? I Just Put British!

31st January 2019

Arising from a research project on Participation Arts and Social Action in Research led by Dr. Umut Erel, Sociology, Maggie O'Neill, University of York and Tracey Reynolds, University of Greenwich, Erene Kaptani with a group of participants has devised a performance piece on migrant women and citizenship, to be shown at Rich Mix, London, 31 January 2019. All welcome!

From the Margins to Centre Stage: Migrant families challenging the effects of the No Recourse to Public Funds Policy

6th December 2017

The 'From the Margins to Centre Stage' event will highlight some of the issues experienced by families with No Recourse to Public Funding (NRPF) and will facilitate a knowledge exchange with migrant families affected by the NRPF policy. Migrant families will be performing forum theatre scenes depicting their daily experiences of life with no recourse to public funds.

PASAR International Conference: Connecting Communities

10th November 2017 to 11th November 2017

The Open University in collaboration with The University of Greenwich and The University of York are pleased to host an international multidisciplinary conference looking at how participatory and creative research methods create a space for exploring, sharing and documenting processes of belonging and place-making that is crucial to understanding migration, citizenship and belonging. 

Training for using participatory theatre and walking methods in social research

27th October 2017

This workshop addresses the UK social science community's need to gain a better understanding of how participatory action research (PAR) approaches engage marginalised groups in research as co-producers of knowledge. The workshop combines methodological and practical experience of walking methods, participatory theatre methods and how we might combine them.

Learning lab with Counterpoint Arts

19th July 2017 to 20th July 2017

This is an event where artists and social scientists come together to present their work based on migration narratives and reflect on the notion of participation.

Migrants Matter - Working with migrants, a Tower Hamlets perspective

24th May 2017

A day workshop to discuss Migrants Matter - Working with migrants, a Tower Hamlets perspective

London’s future - speaking up for refugees and diversity

29th March 2017

One of the big issues of our time is the crisis of forced migration and refugees. Join us for a panel discussion around the issues and what we can do as a host community to support and enable those in need to adapt to the current situation, and to speak up for diversity and the benefits that refugees can bring.

From the Margins to the Centre Stage Policy Day

12th February 2017

The aim of the workshop is to raise awareness among different people working with families, children, migration, arts and social participation more widely about the experiences of families with no recourse to public funding.

Stories in Action: Participatory theatre for researchers and practitioners working with migrants and refugee families

11th April 2016 to 14th April 2016

This workshop explored the training and methods needs of academics, professionals and social activists regarding their work with marginalised groups, particularly paying attention to participatory, mobile and theatre based methods in social research.