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Videos: PASAR International Conference ‘Connecting Communities’

We organised a two-day conference, 10-11 November 2017, with academics, artists and activists. You can see recordings of the keynote speeches, the PASAR team presentation and the performance of the mothers' group below:

Clip: Theatre as a Social Metaphor

Keynote speech: Sanjoy Ganguly, Director Jana Sanskrity Theatre of the Oppressed, India:

Clip: Participatory Arts and Social Action Research Project

Dr. Umut Erel and Erene Kaptani, The Open University; Professor Maggie O’Neill, University of York; Professor Tracey Reynolds, University of Greenwich

Clip: Just Research in Contentious Times: Documenting and Performing Structural Violence and Radical Possibilities

Keynote speech: Professor Michelle Fine, City University New York, US:

Clip: Going for a Walk

Professor Deirdre Heddon, University of Glasgow:

Clip: Our Stories: Migrant Mothers in London

Performance and Workshop devised by the Mothers Group and directed by Erene Kaptani