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Videos: Intergenerational Day

After 11 weeks of working separately with the group of migrant mothers and the group of girls we brought them together in an intergenerational exchange of performances based on their lived experiences of living in London.

Clip: Intergenerational Workshop: Warm-up Games:

This clip shows the first moments of the Intergenerational Day, when the two groups meet for the first time. Both of the groups practised theatre games in their separate group sessions that now could play together, which served as an ice-breaker for the day.

Clip: Intergenerational Day: Embarrassment Scene:

This is a scene based on the story of one of the mother’s: when she was a young girl who had recently migrated to London she became interested in going out, wearing ‘fashionable’ (rather than ‘traditional’) clothes and partied with her friends. While her mother allowed her to go out, her brother felt ‘embarrassed’ by her behaviour. In the scene the mother consoles the daughter who is upset by the brother’s behaviour.

Clip: Intergenerational Day: Going with Mum to the GP:

This a scene the girls’ group developed based on some issues they experienced themselves, but also including some fictional elements. It is about a young girl acting as an interpreter for her mother while visiting the GP, there is a transnational twist to the story as the mother is trying to trick the GP into giving her medication, that she can then send on to her brother abroad who cannot afford to buy it. The girls chose this scene to show at the intergenerational day.

Clip: Intergenerational Day: Game Addict and Interventions:

This scene was developed by the mothers group, it shows the conflict between a mother and her children. The mother wants the children to finish their homework before they are allowed to play on their gadgets, while the children try to trick the mother into playing games first and doing their homework later. The mothers’ group chose this scene to show at the intergenerational day and the clip shows interventions from the girls’ group.