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Videos: Walking Methods

We filmed some of the walks we undertook with the three groups. The following clips show the range of different ways in which we used the walking stories.

Clip: Walking Methods: Girls Reflecting on Place:

This is an extract from the walk with the girls’ group. One of the participants shares her insights about the methods used in this research and the impact they had on her, drawing her attention to the ways in which she experiences place.

Clip: Walking with Mothers: Arsenal Stadium:

This is an extract from the walk with the North London mothers’ group where they share their experiences of gentrification and how the football stadium affects their everyday movements in the neighbourhood.

Clip: Walking with Mothers: Children in the Park:

This is an extract from two walks with NRPF mothers’ group where the two mothers share the importance of public spaces for their children. They show how the mothers use these public spaces to compensate for the fact that they are in temporary and insecure accommodation where they cannot always move freely, for example the first story shares how the park was important as it enabled the mother to arrange a birthday party for her son because she could not hold this party in the place she is staying.