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OU Economics Seminar Series

Wondering about the latest research on the world of production and employment, the effects of government policy and technical innovation? Thinking about the impact of the pandemic on societies and their economies? Wondering how historical, social and political factors shape our economies and how the discipline of economics is shaped and contested over time? 

The new OU Economics Seminar Series promotes high-quality research bringing together academics to exchange, share and engage in dialogue with policymakers, practitioners, industry representatives and members of the public. 

With an ethos of inclusivity and respect for diverse realms of economic expertise, the seminar series will bring together those working on current challenges across a broad range of research interests: Social Policy, Personal Finance, Innovation, Macroeconomics, Development Economics, Health, Inequality and Employment, Philosophy and History of Economics.


Christina Laskaridis: Lecturer in Economics

Alan Shipman: Senior Lecturer in Economics

Susan Newman: Professor of Economics and Head of Discipline at OU Economics

Date and time Title or Topic Main Speakers
Tuesday 19 October, 13.00-14.30pm (BST)
Online meeting via Microsoft Teams
Climate Change, Sovereign Debt, and the Looming Debt Crisis in the Global South

Professor Ulrich Volz (SOAS, University of London)

Dr. Elva Bova (European Commission)
Tuesday 30 November, 15.00-16.00pm (BST)
Online meeting via Microsoft Teams
Solving the Care Crisis with Public Investment

Dr Jerome de Henau (The Open University)

Mary-Ann Stephenson (Women’s Budget Group)
Date and time Title or Topic Main Speakers
Tuesday 20 April, 12.30-2.00pm (BST)
Online meeting via Microsoft Teams
Financial Inclusion: The Way Forward

Rajiv Prabhakar (Open University, UK)
Professor Johnna Montgomerie (King's College London) 
Sian Williams (Director of External Policy at Toynbee Hall and member of the UK government’s Financial Inclusion Policy Forum)
Tuesday May 18th, 12.30pm - 2.00pm (BST)
Online meeting via Microsoft Teams
Impact of COVID control measures on women and child’s health in LMICs

Kevin Deane (Open University, UK)
Giuliano Russo (Queen Mary University of London)
Fikile Dikolomela-Lengene (Young Nurses Indaba Trade Union, South Africa)